In order to guarantee a product / service based on the customers satisfaction and more generally for all the parties involved, TANFOGLIO has defined the principles of its Quality Policy:


Attention focused on the customers and all the involved parties

TANFOGLIO understands the needs of customers and is palnning its activities to fully satisfy them.


Allo stesso modo opera nel rispetto delle richieste e dei requisiti:

- Of the reference market

- Of the country in which it operates, complying with laws and regulations

- Of all the parties involved in their critical processes


Process approach

TANFOGLIO identifies the different activities of the organization, the processes to be planned, monitored and constantly improved and the resources for their implementation in the best possible way.

TANFOGLIO manages its own processes so that they are unique:

- The objectives to be pursued and the expected results

- The related responsibilities and the resources used



TANFOGLIO assumes responsibility for the effectiveness of its Quality Management System, using all the necessary resources available for being sure that the planned objectives are compatible with Tanfoglio context and strategic guidelines.


TANFOGLIO knowss the importance of the Quality Management System and actively involves all the interested parties, coordinating and supporting them.


Risk and opportunity assessment

"la TANFOGLIO pianifica i propri processi con approccio risk-based thinking (RBT) al fine di attuare le azioni più idonee per:"

- Evaluate and deal with the risks associated with the processes

- Exploit and reinforce the identified opportunities


TANFOGLIO promotes an adequate manner of proactivity in managing its risks at all levels.


Involvement of staff and stakeholders

la TANFOGLIO è consapevole che il coinvolgimento del personale e di tutti gli stakeholder, unito all’attiva partecipazione di tutti i collaboratori, sono un elemento strategico primario. 


It promotes the growth of the internal professional skills and a careful selection of the external cooperators in order to give the company competent and motivated human resources.



TANFOGLIO has a permanent goal, to improve the performance of its Quality Management System. In the firearms sector, as in all the high-tech sectors, is necessary a continue attention to R&D for anticipating the future needs of the markets and customers.


The preliminary assessment of the risks and opportunities associated with the business processes, the internal and external verification activities and the management review are the main tools that TANFOGLIO uses to constantly improve.


The main tool chosen by TANFOGLIO to make its Policy effective is a Quality Management System compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001 ed. 2015.


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Certificazione ISO 9001